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If you live in New Hampshire or just visiting, a new or experienced birder, then New Hampshire Bird Records is the journal for you!

Each jam-packed journal is published quarterly by New Hampshire Audubon and is available by annual subscription. You'll find articles all about birds and birding in New Hampshire plus the season's bird reports, highlights, and summaries. Check out the Contents of current and previous issues, and read one of the free sample articles in each issue.

Fall 2013 Issue of New Hampshire Bird Records Published


The fall 2013 issue is full of migration highlights, from the Raptor Migration Report to the highlights of the Fall 2013 bird reports – remember the first arrival of Snowy Owls even before winter officially started? The issue also features an article on birding World End Pond and other Salem Hotspots by Kyle Wilmarth, a Spotlight on White-eyed Vireo by Steve Mirick, the results from the Concord November Challenges (which set a new record) by Pam Hunt, observations of insect-eating birds switching to berries, and the regular Field Notes, Photo Quiz, and Photo Gallery. Click here to view the table of contents and free article from the current issue.

Thanks for your patience as we get caught up on publication.

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Twitchers in the Rye and the Superbowl of Birding

Twitchers in the Rye 2014 Team
The 2014 Twitchers in the Rye (Pat Myers, captain Pam Hunt, driver Becky Suomala, and rookie Peg Ackerson), January 25, 2014. Photo by Rick Dumont.

The annual tradition continued on the morning of January 25, 2014, with the “Twitchers in the Rye” beginning the “Superbowl of Birding” at 5:00 a.m. listening for owls. The weather, although cold to start, moderated during the day and was one of the milder days in recent weeks.

Highlights from the day included two five-point species: Brown Thrasher and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a Fox Sparrow and a Great Blue Heron, both new for the Twitchers. A Snowy Owl at Rye Harbor State Park was a treat, although somewhat expected given how many are being seen in New England this winter. The final total was 58 species and 104 points, and the team raised more than $1,000 in pledges for New Hampshire Bird Records and NH eBird (two projects of NH Audubon’s Conservation Department).

The Twitchers even had a brush with the paparazzi in the form of Rick Dumont who wrote about the Twitchers and the Superbowl of Birding in an excellent article for the Fosters Daily Democrat!

You can still make a donation by contacting Becky Suomala at or 603-224-9909 x309.

Previous Year Results

Photo shows Twitchers in the Rye 2013 team of Pam Hunt, Becky Suomala, Andrea Robbins, and Pat Myers with their surprising 2013 win of the "Rockingham Rocks" award (see 2013 Summary article below).

Year Species Points
2014 58 104 View Summary article (pdf)
2013 62 106 View Summary article (pdf)
2012 58 95 View Summary article (pdf)
2011 57 94 View Summary article (pdf)
2010 53 78 View Summary article (pdf)
2009 63 112  

View a chart showing the species list and points from previous years.

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