Backyard Winter Bird Survey

2013 Survey Dates: February 9 & 10 Survey forms and 2012 results will be mailed in mid-January 2013. Backyard Winter Bird Survey participants report any bird species visiting their yard and/or feeders in New Hampshire on the second weekend of February. Originally begun as a “Cardinal-Tufted Titmouse Census,” it was expanded in 1987 to gather information on the distribution and abundance of many winter species in New Hampshire.

Prior Years Survey Results

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Survey Research

Winter Ranges of Birds in New Hampshire; Changes in the Past Two Decades by Danielle Aube

Other Backyard Bird Surveys

Great Backyard Bird Count — This national bird count is a project of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. It usually takes place the week after New Hampshire’s Backyard Winter Bird Survey. Participation is done on-line and more information is available at Project FeederWatch — The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology coordinates this survey in which participants watch and record birds every other week from November through March. Information is available on-line at, or contact Project FeederWatch, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, PO Box 11, Ithaca, NY 14851-0011, phone: 607-254-BIRD. Focus on Feeders Weekend — This is a Massachusetts survey run by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Contact them for more information: 208 South Great Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.