BWBS Reporting and Forms

Watch as little or as long as you wish during the survey weekend. Be sure to record the total number of hours you observed. Approximate as closely as possible. For example, if you were home all day, but only watched for five minutes every hour, your time will be 45 minutes.

Count and record whatever birds you can see from your backyard. This means that you might have a sighting of a bird flying overhead, or swimming in the river bordering your yard. If you can see it while standing in your house or yard, you can report it. If you watch from more than one residence, please use separate forms for each single location.

Record only the maximum number of each species seen at one time. Do not add to your total each time you see a bird at the feeder. For example, at 10:00AM you see six Blue Jays, at 2:00PM you count seven, and at 5:00PM you count four, your survey total for Blue Jays is seven. Even if you did not see any birds, mark the survey card accordingly and send it in just the same.

Enter Your Results

You can enter your results online or submit them by mail. To submit your results by mail please use our reporting form.

Your data makes a difference! It takes many observers to provide simultaneous sightings throughout the state. Don’t forget to report even if you have no birds. Every participant contributes to our understanding of bird populations over the long term.

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