Current Issue – Fall 2016 [Vol. 35 No. 3]

This issue of New Hampshire Bird Records with its color cover is sponsored in memory of Rob Woodward in appreciation of all he’s done for birds and birders in New Hampshire.

Photos: White Wagtail by Josh Gahagan (top) who discovered the bird on 11-2-2016 at Rye Harbor SP, Rye, NH, and Steve Bennett (bottom), 11-3-2016, Hampton, NH.

  • Rob Woodward Tries to Leave New Hampshire Behind
  • Fall Season: August 1 through November 30, 2016 by Ben Griffith and Lauren Kras
  • Concord Nighthawk Migration Study – 2016 Update by Rob Woodward
  • Fall 2016 New Hampshire Raptor Migration Report by Iain MacLeod
  • Fall 2016 Field Notes compiled by Kathryn Frieden
    • Loon Freed From Fishing Line in Pittsburg by Tricia Lavallee
    • Osprey vs. Bald Eagle by Fran Keenan
    • Peregrine Patriarch in Lawrence, MA by Chris Martin
    • Long-eared Owl in Seabrook
    • Crossbill? – Not!
    • Two Saw-whet Owls at the McLane Center in Concord, NH by Rebecca Suomala
    • Injured Eastern Whip-poor-will
  • Field Trip Report
    • Adventure Birding by Dan Hubbard
    • Birds and Beer Wrap-Up by Paul Lacourse
    • The Birds and the Bees of Ponemah Bog by Phil Brown
  • White Wagtail Report
    • Discovering a White Wagtail by Josh Gahagan
    • A White Wagtail! by Katherine Towler
    • Joining in on the White Wagtail Fun by Jon Woolf
  • White Wagtail in Coastal New Hampshire – A First New Hampshire Record…and more by David B. Donsker
  • Volunteers and Research – A Plastic Diet: Is Our Plastic Addiction Ending Up in Our Seabirds? by Dr. Gabriela Bradt
  • Backyard Birder – Chukars – What Are They Doing in New Hampshire? by Brenda Sens

Issue sponsors make color covers possible. If you’re interested in sponsoring an issue, please contact Rebecca Suomala, Managing Editor.

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