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NHBirds – statewide. This e-mail list provides a forum to discuss birds and birding in New Hampshire, including recent sightings of rare and not-so-rare birds, conservation issues, and upcoming field trips. Steve Mirick is the list owner and moderator. It is a free list but you must subscribe in order to post to or receive messages from the list.

NHBirds provides:

  • Rare bird sightings
  • Weekly Rare Bird Alerts from New Hampshire Audubon
  • Summaries of New Hampshire Christmas Bird Counts
  • Reports of migration, winter irruptives, and other bird highlights
  • Sightings from recent field trips

To receive e-mails with a simple subscription, send an empty e-mail (no text in subject or body) to this address:

For more advanced e-mail options you must create a Google account. For more information about the list and how to post a message or create a Google account, visit the Google Groups NHBirds Information Page.

Non-subscribers can view posts to the NHBirds e-mail list at the Google Groups web page.

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