New Hampshire Bird Records Index (Excel File)

The New Hampshire Bird Records (NHBR index is set up as a Microsoft Excel file, which allows the user to search for a specific article or group of articles by sorting the file by category. It includes all NHBR articles since the journal’s inception in Spring 1982 (Volume 1, Number 1) through the latest-published issue. It is updated as each new issue is published.

The file contains the following categories:

  • Type: a broad classification of the type of article, e.g., Feature Article or Where to Bird.
  • Subject: a one or two-word keyword for the most salient subject of the article, e.g., Sparrow or Breeding.
  • Article: the name of the article.
  • Author: the author(s) of the article.
  • Year: the year of the issue.
  • Issue: the season of the issue—spring, summer, fall, or winter
  • Volume:#: the volume and number of the issue. Volume 1 is 1982, Volume 2 is 1983, etc. Issue 1 is the spring season, 2 is summer, 3 is fall, and 4 is winter.
  • Page: the page number on which the article begins.

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