Where to Bird and Helpful Publications

Where to Bird in NH

NH Birding Wiki site has directions to various birding locations in the state, posted by individual birders.

Birding the New Hampshire Seacoast – NH Audubon publication by Steve Mirick, available at the Concord Audubon Nature Store on the web.

Eric Masterson’s Birdwatching in New Hampshire, also available at the Concord Audubon Nature Store on the web.

New Hampshire Bird Records publishes articles regularly on where to bird in New Hampshire. Check the contents of each issue for Where to Bird articles and free feature articles.

eBird’s New Hampshire Portal

New Hampshire Bird Records hosts the New Hampshire portal to eBird. Click the “Explore Data” tab to explore a region or explore hot spots.

Helpful Birding Publications

New Hampshire Audubon’s Books, Booklets & Checklists — click here to visit nhaudubon.org’s online store for details and to order any of the following:

  • A Checklist of the Birds of New Hampshire with bar graphs and birding information
  • A Guide to the Winter Gulls of Northern New England
  • The Atlas of Breeding Birds of New Hampshire
  • Birding the New Hampshire Seacoast
  • Birds of New England and Birds of New Hampshire Field Checklist Cards
  • New Hampshire Yardlist
  • Tweeter Cheater

The Birds of New Hampshire by Robert P. Fox and Allan R. Keith. The first book in 100 years to document the sightings of birds in New Hampshire. It is a must-have for any avid New Hampshire birder. Available at the New Hampshire Audubon’s McLane Center Nature Store.

The Birds of Hinsdale Setbacks and Bluffs by Hector Galbraith. A free ebook with 70 pages of text, bar charts and photos that provide a detailed review of the two sites, their birds and birding opportunities. Available at: https://hinsdalebirds.wordpress.com.

New Hampshire Atlas & Gazetteer, published by DeLorme, is an invaluable reference for finding your way to birding locations.