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Current Issue – Spring 2016 [Vol. 35 No. 1]


This issue of New Hampshire Bird Records with its color cover is sponsored by friends of Davis Finch in honor of his receipt of the 2016 Goodhue-Elkins Award. Known to many as the friendly host of a meat pile that once attracted many birds, Davis is a humble world expert on birds, who over the years has kindly helped many local birders.

Cover Photos: Redwing in flight by Christopher McPherson on the day he discovered it, 3/13/16, in Hollis, NH. Perched Redwing by Jason Lambert, and the crowd viewing the bird, photographed by Frank Mantlik, 3/14/16.

  • From the Editor
  • 2016 Goodhue-Elkins Award – Davis Finch
  • Spring Season: March 1 through May 31, 2016 by Eric Masterson
  • Field Notes compiled compiled by Rebecca Suomala and Kathryn Frieden
    • Nesting Turkey Vulture by Michael Harris
    • Raven Felony at Trudeau Road by Henry Walters
    • Raptor Attack at Pondicherry! by Jeanne-Marie Maher
    • Great Horned Owl Rescue by Chris Cummings
    • Confiding Black-capped Chickadee by Rob Woodward
    • Warblers Begin Nesting Quickly
    • Hunting Owl Video by Hunter Brooks
    • Lowe’s Ravens on Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua by Chris Sheridan
  • Discovering a New State Record!
    • Tufted Duck in Salem by Kyle Wilmarth
    • Sunday, March 13 was a Good Day! by Christopher McPherson
    • Mountain Bluebird! by Katrina Fenton
    • Eurasian Collared-Dove in East Kingston, May 25, 2016 by Davis W. Finch
  • Field Trip Report
    • Good Luck Chuck by Michael Pahl
    • Birdathon at Everett Dam Conservation Lands by Rob Woodward
  • Spotlight on Blue Grosbeak by David B. Donsker
  • Birding at Mink Brook in Hanover, NH by Adam Burnett
  • Backyard Birder – Hummingbird Courtship Behavior by Brenda Sens
  • The Next Ten . . . (or 13) New Species for the NH Bird Checklist by Iain MacLeod
  • Volunteers and Research – Birds and Adelgids by Jen Weimer
  • New Hampshire Rare Birds Committee Report: Winter 2011-12 through Fall 2012
  • Answer to the Photo Quiz by David B. Donsker

Issue sponsors make color covers possible. If you’re interested in sponsoring an issue, please contact Rebecca Suomala, Managing Editor.