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Current Issue – Fall 2015 [Vol. 34, No. 3]


This issue of New Hampshire Bird Records with its color cover is sponsored by Rebecca Suomala in appreciation of family – those who are no longer with us and much missed, those whose presence is still so much valued, and the new additions who bring great joy.

Cover Photos: Western Meadowlark (top and lower left) by David Lipsy accompanied by Susan Wrisley, 11/16/15, opposite North Hampton State Beach, NH. Note the nearly solid yellow malar area. Compare it with the Eastern Meadowlark (lower right) photographed by Len Medlock in Hampton, NH.

  • From the Editor
  • Fall Season: August 1 through November 30, 2015 by Lauren Kras and Ben Griffith
  • Field Notes compiled compiled by Rebecca Suomala and Kathryn Frieden
    • Color Banded Birds by Stephen Mirick
    • Late Cliff Swallow Fledging by Scott Heron
    • Berry-eating Coot
    • Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  • Fall 2015 New Hampshire Raptor Migration Report by Iain MacLeod
  • Concord Nighthawk Migration Study – 2015 Update by Rob Woodward
  • Powder Mill Pond – the Return of the Shorebirds by Eric Masterson
  • The Curious Case of Ruddy Ducks by Robert A. Quinn
  • Field Trip Reports
    • Star Island in September by Rebecca Suomala
    • Annual Hawk Migration Watch, Lebanon Airport by Blake Allison
  • Shorebird Identification by Stephen Mirick
  • Spring and Fall Migrations of the Races of Palm Warbler through New England by Hector Galbraith, Chris Rimmer, Steve Faccio, and Trevor Lloyd-Evans
  • Birding New Hampshire’s Lake Sunapee by Dylan Jackson
  • Research – Does a Reduction in Caterpillars Caused by Exotic Shrubs Lower the Reproductive Success of Common Yellowthroats? by Matt Tarr
  • Answer to the Photo Quiz by David B. Donsker
  • Corrections Winter 2012-13, Spring 2013

Issue sponsors make color covers possible. If you’re interested in sponsoring an issue, please contact Rebecca Suomala, Managing Editor.