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Current Issue – Winter 2015-16 [Vol. 34, No. 4]


This issue of New Hampshire Bird Records with its color cover is sponsored by by the many people who have appreciated Pam Hunt’s contributions to this publication and to birds and birding in New Hampshire during her long tenure as Season Editor.

Cover Photos: Western Tanager (top left), by William Kramer (, 1/31/16, Hollis, NH. American Redstart (top right) by Steve Mirick, 12/19/15, Greenland, NH. The bottom photo by Terri Fratus shows both Turkey Vultures and Black Vulture (right) on the Lincoln Street school chimney, 2/2/16, Exeter, NH (see the Superbowl of Birding article for more).

  • From the Editor
  • Winter Season: December 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016 by Pamela Hunt
  • Field Trip Report – “December Mud Season,” Christmas Bird Count in Pittsburg and Errol, NH by Glen Chretien
  • Christmas Bird Count Summary & Map by David Deifik
  • 116th Christmas Bird Count Table by David Deifik
  • Field Notes compiled compiled by Rebecca Suomala and Kathryn Frieden
    • Great Horned Owl Release by Terri Fratus
    • Site Fidelity of Wintering Gulls by Stephen Mirick
    • Whooper Swan on the NH Coast
  • 2016 Superbowl of Birding – A New Hampshire Compilation
  • Where are the Evening Grosbeaks? by Pamela Hunt
  • Photo Gallery – Gray Jays (and People!) at Deer Mountain Campground by Rebecca Suomala
  • Backyard Birder – Foot Quivering and Other Odd Behaviors of Hermit Thrushes by Brenda Sens
  • Birding in Hollis by Christopher McPherson
  • Owl Harassment by Rebecca Suomala and Kathryn Frieden
  • Snowy Owl Viewing – Observe without Disturbing from the NH Audubon website
  • Technology Series – Trail Cameras: They’re for the birds, not just deer hunters! by Eric Aldrich
  • Rare Birds Committee Report, Calendar year: 2012 by David B. Donsker
  • Corrections
  • Answer to the Photo Quiz by David B. Donsker

Issue sponsors make color covers possible. If you’re interested in sponsoring an issue, please contact Rebecca Suomala, Managing Editor.