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Current Issue – Summer 2016 [Vol. 35 No. 2]


This issue of New Hampshire Bird Records with its color cover is sponsored in memory of ornithologist Chandler S. Robbins, in honor of his legendary contributions to the study and protection of birds and to his New Hampshire connections.

Cover Photos: These photos represent some of the New Hampshire species whose population trends are tracked by the Breeding Bird Survey created by Chan Robbins, for whom this issue is dedicated. Clockwise: Indigo Bunting by Leo McKillop, Bobolink by Scott Heron, American Redstart by David Forsyth, Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Jane Kelley.

  • In Memory of Chandler S. Robbins
  • From the Editor – Welcome Chad Witko
  • New E-book – The Birds of Hinsdale Setbacks and Bluffs, New Hampshire by Hector Galbraith
  • New Resource for Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge by Joanne P. Jones
  • Summer Season: June 1 through July 31, 2016 by Chad Witko
  • Summer 2016 Field Notes compiled by Rebecca Suomala and Kathryn Frieden
    • You Never Know When You’ll Get Your Next Yard Bird! by Pamela Hunt
    • Waterville Valley Merlin Triplets by Sharon Harvell
    • Nesting Kestrels by Alicha Kingsbury
    • Purple Martin from Connecticut visiting NH! by Pamela Hunt
    • Anting Birds
    • Warblers Begin Nesting Quickly
    • Chimney Swift with Worn Plumage
  • Field Trip Report – NH Audubon’s North Country Nature Tour by Phil Brown
  • Spotlight on Cory’s Shearwater by Stephen R. Mirick
  • Goldfinch Talk by David Killam
  • Backyard Birder – Cooper’s Hawk Fledglings by Kathryn Fieden
  • Birding Durham – Snack Stops Included by Kurk Dorsey and Robbie Prieto
  • Photo Gallery – Manchester’s Nesting Peregrine Falcons by Rebecca Suomala and Chris Martin
  • Common Nighthawk 2016 Nesting Season by Rebecca Suomala
  • Bayle Mountain – Bears, Bobcats and Nighthawks by Jane Kolias
  • Rusty Blackbird Project Summary 2016 by Carol Foss
  • Status of the Olive-sided Flycatcher in New Hampshire by Pamela Hunt
  • Research – Fifteen Years of Intimacy with the Canada Warbler in Canaan, NH by Len Reitsma
  • New Hampshire Rare Birds Committee Report: Winter 2012-13 through Fall 2013
  • Answer to the Photo Quiz by David B. Donsker

Issue sponsors make color covers possible. If you’re interested in sponsoring an issue, please contact Rebecca Suomala, Managing Editor.