Journal Overview

New Hampshire Bird Records is all about birds and birding in New Hampshire. You will find articles on bird finding and identification, research and volunteer opportunities, photo quizzes, and all of the latest rarities, seasonal visitors, and migration movements.

Beginning or experienced – all birders will find something new to learn and enjoy.

New Hampshire Bird Records is available only through annual subscription. Don’t miss out!

What You Will Find

Come along with us for an exciting glimpse into the pages of New Hampshire Bird Records

  • Bird Sightings and Seasonal Abundance – a statewide compilation of bird sightings with interpretive summaries by each season’s editor.
  • Feature Articles – insightful and informative articles on the latest happenings in the birding world.
  • Photo Quizzes – great photo quizzes to test your bird identification skills.
  • Species Spotlight – special articles featuring seasonal abundance, sightings, and historical data and graphs on a selected bird species in New Hampshire.
  • Where To Bird – the latest insider tips on the most popular birding “hot spots” in the state, how to get there, and what you will see.
  • Christmas Bird Counts – the annual summary of all CBC routes in New Hampshire, including high counts and first counts for each route.
  • Volunteers And Research – spotlight on volunteer opportunities for working on the latest bird research projects.
  • Photo Gallery – photos of interesting bird events from a Peregrine Falcon rehabilitation and release to birders on a Christmas Bird Count.
  • Backyard Birder – observations and explanations of bird behavior seen by everyday bird watchers.

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