NH Bird Records Author Guidelines, Formats, and Templates

Submit single articles on an interesting subject or contribute articles on a regular basis for specific features. Fascinating articles on bird-related topics are always welcome.

For All Writers

For Feature Writers

Research and Volunteer Opportunities – Profiles the results from selected bird research related to New Hampshire birds, and highlights local volunteer opportunities in bird conservation.

Where to Bird – Articles focus on birding locations in New Hampshire and provide information on what birds are found there, the best times to visit, and directions on how to get there.

Backyard Birder – Up close and personal descriptions of birding events happening in our own back yards. Topics can vary, including funny, interesting, and uncommon experiences with birds or nature and should include some information about what’s being described. Examples include "Daytime Encounters with Barred Owls," and "Caching Behavior in Red-breasted Nuthatches."

Species Spotlight – Details on the occurrence of a specific species in New Hampshire. Involves research into past records, compilation of reports, and review of published resources.

Special Articles – Any interesting bird related item can be turned into an exciting article. Uncommon or unusual bird habits, yearly birding events, seasonal anomalies, and rarities can all become an excellent article. Examples include the "Sky Dance of the American Pipits" and "Western Reef-Heron in New Hampshire."