Who We Are

Welcome to behind the scenes at New Hampshire Bird Records! It takes a team of many dedicated volunteers and many hours to produce a single issue of New Hampshire Bird Records.

Managing Editor

Leading the team effort is Rebecca Suomala, the Managing Editor, a full time staff member of New Hampshire Audubon. Becky has been the leader in promoting the growth of New Hampshire Bird Records since 1989. She is helped in her efforts by a group of committed volunteers who are an important part in creating a quality publication for our loyal subscribers.

Season Editors

Season Editors spend countless hours reviewing hundreds of bird reports to select the ones that typify their season. They encapsulate the bird sightings of an entire season in their season summaries. Avid birders themselves, they also spend a great deal of time in the field adding to their birding knowledge.

  • Winter – Jim Sparrell and Katie Towler
  • Spring – Eric Masterson
  • Summer – Chad Witko
  • Fall – Lauren Kras and Ben Griffith

Text Editor

Dan Hubbard of Rochester.

Photo Quiz

David Donsker of North Hampton is always on the lookout for quality photos that he could turn into a quiz.

Photo Editor

Wendy Chatel combs many sources for quality photos of New Hampshire birds to highlight an article or add interest to the listings and summaries.

Where To Bird Feature Coordinator

Scott Heron

Web Master

Kathy Barnes/E. Crane Web Design Studio

Publication Assistant

Kathryn Frieden


A loyal corps of volunteers aid in the production of New Hampshire Bird Records. From mailing, copying, writing letters, and filing to data entry and subscription management, countless hours are tallied as each volunteer goes about their specialty.

Jeannine Ayer, Zeke Cornell, David Deifik, Elizabeth Levy, Susan MacLeod, Marie Nickerson, Carol Plato, Tony Vazzano

New Hampshire Bird Records Editorial Team

Phil Brown, Wendy Chatel, Hank Chary, David Deifik, David Donsker, Ben Griffith, Dan Hubbard, Pam Hunt, Lauren Kras, Iain MacLeod, Eric Masterson, Robert A. Quinn, Rebecca Suomala, Tony Vazzano, Jon Woolf

Roll all these volunteers together and what do you get? The most authoritative publication on birds in the state of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Bird Records!

Unless specified, all images on this website are © Leonard Medlock for New Hampshire Bird Records.

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